We strive to do things differently so that we can consistently become better—for our customers, our employees, the communities where we do business, and the environment.

Human Rights, Diversity and Inclusion

Based on the Chipon corporate philosophy, we will ensure that the spirit of "respect for human rights" becomes an integral part of all our corporate and individual activities, and we will strive to make employees in all regions of the world accept diverse human resources and embrace individuality without bias toward nationality, gender, age differences, or disabilities.


Chipon's aims to enrich and continuously improve our positive health culture where our employees can work to their full potential, both in mind and body. We value the importance of our people and will strive to enable them to succeed in their own personal development and growth.


We are concerned about global environmental impact and are committed to mitigating the environmental impact of its business activities through green manufacturing and supply chain management.Each year, we regularly organize our employees to take practical actions to improve the surrounding environment.

At Chipon, we are raising our standards and developing our corporate responsibility strategy to create a more responsible, inclusive and sustainable world. Join us and work with us to build a better world!