Industries we serve

Our robust capabilities empower diverse industries to meetthe needs of every sector

Enterprise Computing

With years of experience, CHIPON provides support based on flexibility, financial support and understanding of data centers, networks, Internet and forecast markets.


According to your specific needs, CHIPON can customize the required computer for you in all aspects, and build the gaming computer of your dreams. Customize your gaming PC, laptop or workstation with the highest performance components at an unbeatable value. Backed by our industry-leading product knowledge and after-sales service, you can always rely on your PC's performance.

Automotive + Transportation

To meet the growing demand for technological advancement and high reliability in the automotive and electric vehicle industries, CHIPON's unique global sourcing capabilities and market condition data can provide strategic supply chain solutions.


Safety and quality are paramount and we guarantee the highest quality of components while ensuring efficiency and speed. With the healthcare industry in constant flux, CHIPON helps meet these challenges and ensure the health of your supply chain.

Aerospace & Defense

For aerospace and defense challenges, CHIPON can help solve their requirements for superior quality, dependence on numerous single suppliers, and managing component obsolescence and the need for long life cycles


The energy industry is undergoing a digital transformation. From data analytics to artificial intelligence and the cloud, advanced technologies can boost production and revenue. CHIPON can help you drive supply chain innovation and find the hard-to-find parts you need to maintain the sustainability of the entire process.

Consumer electronics

CHIPON's data-driven global procurement model, the possibility of turning excess inventory into income, helps find the parts you need to overcome immediate shortages and solve today's problems.


CHIPON understand the importance of quality sound and visual systems. We strive to ensure that all component elements come together in a future-proof and efficient manner. Our main focus is customer service and support, delivering the highest quality AV solutions to the AV market.